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We help people build their wealth by putting their savings into a brokerage account and trading it for them.

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Trust is Everything.

My name is Mohammad Forouzani and I am the founder of

I often get asked "What is the difference between and a Hedge Fund?". There are many differences, but to me the most important difference is not taking custody of your funds.

What does that mean? It means that when you invest with you never actually "give" us your money.
You just open your own trading account and give us the authority to trade it for you.

You can see every trade we place in your account.
This level of transparency helps me gain the trust of my clients.

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Born Through R&D

Mohammad, founder of, has been building investment strategies for over a decade. After years of research and development and thousands of experiments - the system was born.

The investment strategies are quantitative - based on a quantifiable measurement process. No speculative investing.
The various strategies digest multiple different sources of data to produce signals - including stocks, bonds, options and economic data. uses mathematically calculated probabilities to try to determine the optimial asset allocations and trades, while also addressing the risk of loss.

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Become an Investor.

You worked hard for your money. Now have your money work hard for you. Let provide investment management services to help you build your wealth.

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