Our Investing Strategy

At Forecast.net we have spent years in research and development to build an investment system that can help clients grow their savings. Our focus has always been building a system based on aggressive growth.

Due to the nature of our investment strategy, it is not suitable for everyone. To find out if you are eligible to invest with Forecast.net, get your confidential and free suitability report.

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    Return on Investment

    With a focus on capital growth, our trading systems use both fundamental and technical indicators to capture mispricing opportunities in the stock market.
    We actively trade all our client accounts with the intention of maximizing capital growth - we do not employ passive investing like many other firms.

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    Risk Management

    Estimating the risk of loss of an algorithmic trading strategy is extremely important for long-term capital growth. We use a proprietary risk management system to try to detect high risk trades and avoid them as much as possible. Having said that, we truely believe that if there is no risk, there is no reward.

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    Easy Withdrawals

    We never take custody of your money - your funds are always in your own brokerage account.
    You just give us access to your brokerage account and our trading system trades stocks and bonds for you. This is important as it means you can withdraw your funds at short notice without suffering a large loss for liquidating assets.


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Investing with Forecast.net - Step by Step

We treat the wealth building process as a journey. Our approach breaks down the process into four important aspects of wealth building:

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    Financial Goals

    We focus on learning about your goals and dreams because without defined goals, there is nothing to build toward. Regardless of what life stage you are in, you are likely to have some short and long term financial goals. Setting tangible and realistic goals, and tracking your progress is the key to success in achieving all of your financial goals.

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    Current Financial Situation

    This is the starting point to your journey and is the foundation upon which your wealth is built. Through the examination of your current financial situation, we can develop a firm understanding of where you are today, enabling us to help you to plan for tomorrow.

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    Investment Time Horizon

    Will this money be used in 2 years or 15 years? When will you need your money? In order to choose the right investments, we need to understand how long the money can stay in the market. You should understand that volatility is a bigger risk short term than long term.

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    Risk Tolerance

    Can you handle the inherent volatility of the stock market or do you prefer the relative safety of fixed investments? Are you willing to accept more risk to potentially achieve higher returns? These are important questions that need to addressed before you start investing.

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